Maine Sen. Angus King Excited for Long-Overdue Lobster Emoji Coming to Smartphones

King wrote to The Unicode Consortium in September to get them to include the lobster in its 2018 update

Texting "I love lobsters" just got easier.

Maine Independent Sen. Angus King says a long-overdue lobster emoji is coming to smartphones, and it is cause for celebration. King tweeted thanks to The Unicode Consortium on Wednesday.

King signed his tweet with an emoji for a cow followed by another for a crown.

According to, King wrote to the consortium in September, pleading with them to adopt the crustacean in its annual update.

"Not only is the lobster of substantial cultural relevance," he argued, but according to online data, it also garners public interest that is at least equal to that of the crab, which already has its own emoji."

Unicode said Wednesday the lobster emoji was among more than 150 picked to be added in the next round of emojis set to be released June 2018. Others include a bagel, a pirate flag, and a mango. Unicode is a nonprofit organization that promotes consistency in computer coding.

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