Maryland Governor Visits NH, Considers 2020 Presidential Bid

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is visiting New Hampshire to test the waters for a 2020 Republican presidential bid.

"People have asked me to give this serious consideration, and I think I owe it to those people to do just that," Hogan said Tuesday.

Hogan's visit is part of a 26-state tour. He said many of his fellow Republicans are concerned with the direction President Trump is taking the country but won’t speak out.

"They’re afraid of being tweeted about, and very few of us are willing to say what we really think," he said.

The Republican governor was overwhelmingly re-elected last November in the very blue state of Maryland.

Hogan said he believes Republicans will face extinction if the party doesn’t figure out how to grow and attract a more diverse electorate.

"I think we’re doing the opposite right now," he said. "I think the Republican Party is shrinking the base down to only a certain percentage of white males."

As for the Mueller report, Hogan said there was probably obstruction, but that he does not think impeachment is the answer.

"I don’t think there should be democratic over-reach," Hogan said. "But I also don’t think there should be a cover-up from the administration."

Republican primary voters overwhelmingly support Trump and the Republican National Committee has already pledged its “undivided support."

"It’s not helpful to have other Republicans in the race criticizing him [Trump]," said Amy Carnevale, a Massachusetts Republican national committeewoman.

Hogan will likely focus on Independents, moderate Democrats and even some Republicans.

"It’s nice to hear a republican use the word 'we' as a post to the word 'I,'" said Tom Rath, a Republican political consultant from New Hampshire. "I think there’s a market for that."

Since he has until November to decide whether or not to run, Hogan said he is in no rush to make a decision.

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