Massachusetts DOT Works on Troubled Roadway After NBC Boston Report

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has begun work on grading and drain repairs on a spot on Interstate 93 north in Andover after the NBC Boston Investigators began questioning why water pooled in the breakdown and travel lanes.

NBC Boston followed the story of Kevin Keller of Andover, who spun out after hitting a pool of water about a quarter of a mile south of the Dascomb Road exit on I-93 north in 2015.

“I just hit a fair amount of standing water,” Keller said.

He said the water pools in the same spot frequently during rainstorms. In fact, he shot video of cars driving through the water in the months after his crash.

He was not injured, but his Nissan Pathfinder was damaged when he spun across three lanes of traffic, crashed into an oncoming car, and came to rest against the guardrail at the median.

Last week, a MassDOT spokesman said roadwork began on the trouble spot that saw dozens of crashes between 2010 and 2014, according to state data.

That data did not identify the causes of all the crashes.

Patrick Marvin, the spokesman, said in an email that MassDOT is surveying the site to check the grading of the road, and worked on the shoulder and right-hand driving lane to “establish a more uniform cross slope” to manage the water.

“This work included adjusting draining structures to the new grades, and improving the pavement surface around the catch basins,” he wrote.

The NBC Boston Investigators will keep an eye on the work, and the result, in the coming months.

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