Massive Fire Breaks Out in Milford

Fire crews from multiple communities battled a blaze at a three-story building on Haven Street in Milford, Massachusetts

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Smoke was visible miles away after a fire broke out Tuesday night in Milford, Massachusetts.

Aerial footage showed massive flames engulfing a three-story building on Haven Street. Fire crews from Milford and multiple neighboring communities responded.

No one was injured, fire officials said.

Access to water was a problem for firefighters.

"The challenge is that no hydrants are available, therefore we have to bring trucks in carrying thousands of gallons of water, and they rotate, and we pump their water and they go back and fill up again," said Milford Fire Chief Mark Nelson. "It's quite an operation, it's labor-intensive, and it takes more time."

Crews managed to get the fire under control after about an hour, but continued to douse hot spots late Tuesday night.

Officials say they are not sure whether or not the building, which had several vehicles parked outside, was abandoned.

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