Meet the Candidates: Mayor of Southie

At this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, one special resident who raises the most money will become the Mayor of Southie: marching in a prominent spot in the parade with five friends along with a sash announcing their honorary title! The South Boston Allied War Veterans’ Council announced that the competition is back after several years’ absence, and all funds raised go in support of the 2019 local parade. Below, here’s a bit more about the four candidates currently in the running.

Jenn Menjin
Age: 30
Years lived in Southie: 30
Job/Profession: Service Desk Dispatcher for IT company in Southie
Why I’m participating: I have wanted to do this ever since I was 13 years old. My family was very close with Gail Petrie, and when she ran in the 90s, I said, that’s what I’m going to do when I’m old enough. Unfortunately they took it away when I was in high school. Now it’s my chance.
Why I’m the best candidate: Because I’m already the Mayor of Southie according to everyone I know, and it’s what my friends refer to me as.


Jimmy Donnelly
Age: 40
Years lived in Southie: 40
Job/Profession: City of Boston Garage Attendant
Why I’m participating: I wanted to do it years ago but then it stopped. I want to get my name out there in case I run for office. I’m a big fan of the parade and I think it’s going to be great this year.
Why I’m the best candidate: I’m a very likable person.

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Haley Dillon
Age: 24
Years lived in Southie: 24
Job/Profession: Assistant Manager at Sherwin Williams in Newton
Why I’m participating: Being born and raised in Southie has been such an honor; it’s a place that I am more than proud to call home. My community is so special. I have seen us do wonderful things when we all come together. The Mayor of Southie represents one of my most treasured pastimes—the parade, and more importantly the SBAWVC who run the parade. I’m beyond thankful for all veterans and everything they have done for us. I would love to take this opportunity to raise money for such a great event and group of people.
Why I’m the best candidate: I think i’m the best candidate because of my outgoing personality. I love meeting new people!

Bobby “Shoes” Diggins
Age: 57
Years lived in Southie: Over 30
Job/Profession: Public Safety Officer at Mass Convention Center
Why I’m participating: I have great enthusiasm in my heart for the veterans—my father was a marine and have great respect for gold star mothers—and want to make the Southie parade great again.
Why I’m the best candidate: I love South Boston as a community and believe that loyalty is next to godliness.

If you would still like to register as a candidate, visit here!  You have until December 31st!

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