Snow, Freezing Rain to Make Holiday Weekend Travel Messy

It's not a knock-down-drag-out event tonight and tomorrow, but it is pretty messy for some.

If you're looking for heavy snow accumulations, you have the wrong weather person. If you're looking for a little snow, a glazing of ice, and some rain, you've found your blog. (And if you're looking for windshield washer fluid, good luck.)

The storm took its sweet time bringing in the snow this afternoon. Once it got going, it snowed in fits and starts. That pretty much sums up the snowy side of our storm. We won't have a lot more thanks to the fact that this snow is on the wane and the next wave of precipitation is mostly rain.

We will get a lull between the two just after midnight. The issue is that the temperatures will hardly budge in Greater Worcester, Metrowest, the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire. It's in these locations that we are concerned about a glaze of ice as the second burst of precipitation arrives.

It's freezing rain that makes for the most slippery travel, glazes sidewalks, car tops, and driveways. And that's exactly our concern. The longer we hold the numbers down, the better our chances for accumulating ice. Right now, we're expecting up to 1/4-inch of ice in spots, which may be enough to cause power fluctuations and travel disruption.

Plainly put, take it slow and easy tomorrow morning and early afternoon.

Clouds will break for a bit on Sunday as temps mellow in the upper 30s. Our next event is a snow potential for Christmas morning. Depending on how close the storm intensifies near New England, we could see anywhere from 2-4 or 4-8 inches of snow. Northern New England - primarily central New Hampshire and all of Maine could see near a foot! This storm has the potential to get out of hand, so we'll keep on it through the holiday weekend.

Be safe, enjoy the family (even the in-laws), and enjoy the holiday!

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