Officer Injured in SWAT Training Accident Released From Hospital

A Massachusetts cop whose hand was severely injured during a SWAT training exercise earlier this week has been released from the hospital.

The Middleborough officer, whose has not been identified, left Massachusetts General Hospital on Thursday after undergoing surgery on one of his hands and is now recovering at home, according to police officials.

Officials said the severe injuries to the officer's left hand included lacerations and the permanent partial amputation of one of his fingertips.

Investigators said a 37mm projectile launcher loaded with training rounds malfunctioned while the officer was participating in a SWAT training exercise around 11 a.m. Wednesday at MCI-Bridgewater. The malfunction left the device in several pieces, splitting part of the barrel in half.

The device is typically used for smoke screens, high visibility flares, decoy noisemakers, "Flash Bang"-style stun projectiles and for training.

The investigation into why the projectile launcher malfunctioned is ongoing, and authorities said they are suspending the use of them during the remainder of the probe.

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