2 People Rescued From Millbury Boiler

Rescue workers saved two people stuck 30 feet down in a boiler in Millbury.

According to Millbury fire officials, 30 members of a Tech Rescue Team from Worcester County have removed the two Wheelabrator Technologies workers and the equipment from the boiler.

Sources tell NBC10 Boston that the workers were in a small space working and needed help getting out.

The rescue team sent equipment down to the workers, who were 30 feet into a 70-foot deep boiler. The workers were able to secure themselves and be pulled out safely.

There were no injuries and they didn't go to the hospital.

The incident was first reported by Auburn fire officials on Twitter. They said the Fire District 7 technical rescue team was activated to go to 333 Southwest Cutoff.

Wheelbrator is a company that takes waste and turns it into energy.

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