Mother of Man Killed by Police Calling for Answers

Hope Coleman says two Boston Police officers need to be held accountable for shooting and killing her son.

"He needs justice, because this is not right," Coleman said at a news conference Friday.

Coleman called police back in October because she wanted her son, Terrence, who struggled with mental health issues, to be evaluated at the hospital.

Police said at the time when they got to Coleman's home in the South End, they shot him because he had just attacked two EMTs with a knife — something Hope Coleman strongly denies.

"I don't have my son to say 'Happy Mother's Day,' 'Happy Valentines Day,' 'Happy birthday, 'Good morning,' 'Good night,'" said Coleman. "I don't have my son anymore."

She was joined Friday afternoon by Mass Action Against Police Brutality, as well as by the father of Michael Brown, who was shot by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in a case that made national headlines.

The groups stood outside the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, urging prosecutors to pursue charges against the officers in this case.

"I can't even sleep," said Coleman. "If I hadn't called, he would be here today."

A spokesman for the district attorney says the investigation is still taking place and no decisions have been made about charges.

When the investigation is complete, the entire file will be released.

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