Murphy's Law – Southie's Favorite Dive Bar

Written by Sara Von Remus and Tess Brockmeyer

The landscape of South Boston is constantly changing, it’s nice to find a place like Murphy’s Law.  Murphy’s is the perfect spot get to know your neighbors, learn some real Southie history, and maybe bump into a celebrity. 

Murphy’s Law is your local bar. It’s where new Southie and old Southie come meet and celebrate the fact South Boston is the best neighborhood around! Here are five reasons why we love Murphy’s Law!

Star struck

Celebrities walk through the doors all the time!  Ben and Casey Affleck came in to film an iconic shoot out right in the bar back in 2006. Murphy’s was also featured on the late great Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” in 2011. Murphy’s has also been the set of choice for several television pilots.

Where everybody knows your name

This bar is a true piece of South Boston history. It’s had a few different names – hello Power House Pub –  but Murphy’s has survived the neighborhood transformation. In 2000, Scott Pumphret and Peggy Kelly joined forces and made Murphy’s Law the local legend it is today. Looking around the bar it’s an eclectic mix of vintage action figures, paintings from local artists and dart boards and arcade games.  The friendly bartenders are ready with a smile, your drink of choice and are always up for some good conversation. 

Southie’s favorite Dive Bar

There is a homey, warm feeling in the cherry wood bar and the classic neon signs. It is a cash-only establishment (don’t worry, there is an ATM by the front door), and the drinks are cheap. You can buy a round and not feel like you have to take out a loan. Make sure to keep a few bucks out for the jukebox.  

Local heroes

Police, Fire, EMS, Bomb Squad, and branches of the military are honored in this place. Several former employees of Murphy’s have gone on to become first responders and many current employees are veterans of the military. The patches recognize these men and women from all over the nation and each has a story to tell. So as you may have guessed, Murphy’s is a first responder and military bar – and couldn’t be more proud if it.

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal around here.

March 17th is a day that the residents of South Boston celebrate Irish heritage and Evacuation Day on the same day. This year, the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade actually falls on March 17th!  Murphy’s Law will be celebrating! There will be drinks, decorations, t-shirts for sale, and plenty of Irish music. Even if you aren’t Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday to pretend you are – and appreciate the wonderful history and tradition of the South Boston Irish community!

Bill Hennessy

Murphy’s Law is located at 837 Summer Street in South Boston, open from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM, 7 days a week. Follow Murphy’s on Instagram @murphys_law_southie and like on them on Facebook!

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