NBC10 Boston Report on Abandoned Holbrook Factory With Asbestos Prompts Action From Property Owner

What to Know

  • Work at the Avon Sole Company factory in Holbrook, Massachusetts, shut down eight months ago after asbestos violations were found.
  • Several Holbrook residents say they're concerned after more than a dozen signs were posted warning about asbestos in the factory.
  • Holbrook residents say they've tried to get answers from town, state officials for months, but haven't been successful.

The owner of an abandoned factory in Holbrook, Massachusetts, took action to contain asbestos 48 hours after NBC10 Boston's report, town officials said.

Several homeowners expressed concerns after more than a dozen asbestos warning signs were plastered around the building at 55 High St.

The signs, which warn that asbestos can cause cancer and damage lungs, rattled nearby residents.

"What are you going to go?" asked Carmela Silva, who lives across the street from the factory. "Keep taping it? Tape does not work."

Documents obtained by NBC10 Boston show the town shut down asbestos removal work on the property in December.

Three weeks later, a letter from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to the property owner read, in part, "The town's cease and desist work order was disregarded. It is clear that your firms either do not understand the state, federal and local regulations or have intentionally chosen not to follow them."

The DEP said it is reviewing the property owner's new asbestos removal plan.

The property owner could not be reached for comment.

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