Government Radar Was Down During a Big Storm, But StormRanger Gave Us Crucial, Exclusive Info

Our First Alert Weather Team were literally the only meteorologists that could show locals exactly where it was raining while an intense storm blew through Boston

This week's intense wind and rain storm hit at a bad time — but it showed how useful NBC10 Boston's StormRanger Mobile Doppler Radar Truck is.

Radar is a key tool for meteorologists, identifying where showers and storms are developing, in what direction they're moving and if any damaging wind is inside.

But for several days this week, the Boston-area National Weather Service radar was down for maintenance, leaving public and private meteorologists across the Boston area struggling to gain accuracy and pinpoint showers, rain and thunderstorms — except your First Alert Weather Team.

We deployed our StormRanger Mobile Radar to Cape Cod ahead of the first rain, allowing our meteorologists to track downpours and damaging wind, throughout our powerful nor'easter and moved it over the next 24 hours to two other locations until the storm was gone.

With StormRanger Mobile Doppler Radar able to see 70 to 100 miles from wherever we park it, what this means for you is our First Alert Weather Team were literally the only meteorologists, anywhere during this stretch, that could show residents of Eastern and Central Massachusetts exactly where it was raining, how hard it was raining and when it would stop in your town.

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