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NH Couple Running ‘Animal Rescue' Facing 44 Animal Cruelty Charges

A New Hampshire couple is facing dozens of animal cruelty charges after police found malnourished horses, dogs, cats, birds and reptiles on their property.

Police say Edith Daughen and her husband, Nicholas Torrey, who had advertised their property in New Hampton as an animal rescue, are now facing 44 counts of animal cruelty. 

One of the horses police found was so sick, she didn't survive the rescue attempt.

"She had a lot of years left and those years were taken from her," said Sharon Morey.

Her sunglasses hid her tears as she recalled the 12 hours she spent trying to save Bristol the horse.

"In those last 12 hours, we gave her love, dignity, respect, and in the end, freedom," Morsey said.

She and a team of rescuers from "Live and Let Live Farm" in Chichester were called to the New Hapmton home, where police had found two malnourished horses.

Lulu and Bristol were loaded into a trailer, but Bristol — starving and hypothermic — collapsed on the way to her new home and never got back up.

"We massaged her legs, wet her mouth with syringes, got fluids into her," Morsey said. "She was grabbing and eating at hay. She had a spark of life in her eye, she wanted to live."

During a subsequent search at the same home, police found dozens more animals in dire need — birds, guinea pigs, reptiles, dogs and cats, without any food or water.

"Even if you run out of money, you can still turn the faucet on, you can still give them water," said Teresa Paradis, who founded Live and Let Live Farm 21 years ago. "There's no excuse."

"It's very emotional, you want justice for that horse," Morsey said about Bristol.

The defendants voluntarily surrendered most of their animals. That means as soon as they're all healthy enough, they'll be available for adoption.

The couple is due back in court in October.

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