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Good Samaritan Pulls Over to Help Revere Shooting Victim

In an exclusive interview with NBC10 Boston/NECN, a Good Samaritan shared his story about the moments after a driver was shot in the middle of Route 1A Friday.

James Basford was driving along Route 1A when he saw a car stopped in the middle of the road. He and his wife pulled over to check on the car.

"I went over to the window. I see two bullet holes. It was tinted so the glass was still there, I peaked in, and I could see the guy, I could see the blood coming out of his neck," Basford said.

Basford leaned through the car window and used his shirt to slow the bleeding of the victim, who was bleeding profusely.

"I was trying to talk to him. Get airspace, he was unresponsive," Basford said.

Basford's wife also helped as others called 911.

The 34-year-old driver had been shot in the middle of Route 1A near Revere Beach in the middle of rush hour on Friday. He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Surveillance footage shows the victim driving on Friday driving through an intersection just minutes before he was shot.

There was no indication of anything unordinary at that time.

The footage was captured from a local car dealership, where the manager said police had seen the video as part of the investigation.

State Police confirmed that the victim is from out-of-state. They say they believe he was shot by an occupant of another vehicle.

No arrests have been made, and the victim remains in critical condition.

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