NH Man Charged After Roommate's Suicide

A New Hampshire man is accused of providing a gun and helping his friend commit suicide.

Police say on the night of May 7, they both went into the woods for a bonfire and only one came out alive.

Now, a memorial sits on Texas Hill Road in Plymouth outside the woods where 19-year-old Michael Buskey was found dead of a gunshot wound. Police have ruled his death a suicide and they've charged his roommate, Parker Hogan, with helping Buskey kill himself.

"That's disturbing," said neighbor Karl Honabach. "That caught us off guard, we didn't see that coming."

Neighbors say the two teenagers seemed like normal, happy kids until the morning of May 8, when police swarmed the area and they saw Hogan in distress.

"He was crying pretty bad that day, we thought it was just grief over a friend, but it turns out, it was more," Honbach said.

Court documents are filled with disturbing details.

Hogan told police that on the night of Buskey's death, he provided him with a gun, and a notepad and pen to write a suicide note. Hogan said they went into the woods, where he showed Buskey the correct angle to hold the gun.

Hogan says he then left Buskey in the woods until he heard a gunshot, then went back to make sure his roommate was dead.

Hogan claims this was Buskey's plan, but Buskey's mother, Jennifer Phelps, doesn't buy it.

"I honestly don't think he ever would have done it on his own, ever," Phelps told NBC10 Boston.

She says her son had struggled with anxiety in the past, but was doing better and had landed a job.

"In my opinion, there's a lot more than meets the eye," Phelps said. "It's the toughest thing ever not to know."

Hogan is also charged with falsifying evidence because police say he removed the gun, the suicide notes, and some alcohol from the scene.

He is out of jail on bail, but no one answered the door at his apartment.

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