Northern Lights

Encore? Northern Lights Could Repeat Show Across New England Tuesday Night

Although the aurora peaked late Monday, experts say it is likely that parts of the northern U.S. will see it again Tuesday night, if skies are clear

A dazzling Northern Light display put on a show over parts of New England late Monday night, but experts say Tuesday night could see an encore performance.

An aurora borealis produced a late-night celestial show of dancing greens and blue -- and later reds and oranges -- that were visible in several states, including Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York.

“Around 12 AM this morning, the summit crew got a chance to view the Northern Lights for a while,” the Mount Washington Observatory said in a tweet with photos of the light show.

The aurora borealis, which is also called the Northern Lights, is the beautiful aftermath of a geomagnetic storm colliding with a solar flare. The collision then sends colorful streams of gaseous particles dancing across skies.

Although the most recent geomagnetic storm peaked late Monday, experts say it is likely that parts of the northern U.S. will see the Aurora again Tuesday night, pending clear weather.

Space weather officials in the U.S. extended a geomagnetic storm warning into Tuesday after it was first issued ahead of Monday’s display.

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