Pelham police

Pelham Police Station Burglarized — By a Chipmunk

The suspect remains at large, police said

Pelham Police/Twitter

Police in Pelham, New Hampshire, say their station was unfortunately burglarized Sunday morning, and they captured the suspect on video.

In a video posted to Twitter, the suspect -- who could be described as less than a foot long, with four stubby legs, a bushy tail, and white, black and brown stripes down its back -- can be seen scurrying about the police station.

The chipmunk -- accused of being dangerously cute -- can be seen going from underneath one officer's desk to the next, seeking cover as he plots his escape.

Pelham police said the suspect remains at large, and further updates are expected to follow.

The suspect was not identified -- so it's unclear if his name is Alvin, Simon, or Theodore -- and there's no word on what charges he may face if captured.

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