People Spotted Living Above Boston Tunnel's Exit Ramp

It's the familiar Boston tunnel that everyone takes from the Massachusetts Turnpike to the Prudential Center. Now, fixtures at the end are heaps of trash on a ledge with soda bottles, dirty clothes and food wrappers.

High above that garbage, on a concrete slab, nestled in a nook, is a place where NBC10 Boston caught people living.

"I wouldn't expect this," said one driver.

At one point, a man can be seen on camera throwing his food garbage down to one of two piles below. We also caught two men walking on the highway to get into the tunnel.

"In the past, you see, like, the garbage, you see pillows and stuff like that," said Osa Obanor of Dorchester.

Drivers mostly notice the garbage, but have a hard time seeing the people hidden away in the tunnel because it's so high up.

"I imagine they think it's just a place that's safe where they can get away from other people," said Obanor. "There's people on the side of the freeway when you're going down the turnpike, as well."

It's unclear how many people are up there or how long they've been there. A security camera is visible from the outside.

NBC10 Boston asked the Massachusetts Department of Transportation if this is a security and safety issue, and if they know people are living up there.

MassDOT referred questions to Massachusetts State Police. A spokesperson there says they are concerned about people walking on the highway.

State Police also say they have homeless outreach troopers on this area, and that they're reaching out to those troopers.

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