Woman Struck and Killed by School Bus in Mattapan

Fillmore Parris says his fiancé Jennifer Formichelli was an English teacher at Boston University Academy and was walking their two dogs when she was killed Tuesday

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A woman walking her two dogs was killed Tuesday morning after she was hit by a school bus in Boston's Mattapan neighborhood.

Police say the bus did not stop after striking 47-year-old Jennifer Formichelli in the area of 710 Walk Hill St. just before 7 a.m.

Formichelli was rushed to the hospital, but Boston police said just before 11 a.m. that she died from her injuries.

The bus was located and it was confirmed it was not a Boston Public Schools bus, police said. It was recovered at Melrose High School as part of the ongoing investigation.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the hit-and-run crash, but we've learned more about the victim from her fiancé.

Fillmore Parris said he learned of his fiancé's death at the hospital.

"The doctor came. I was like, 'just give it to me straight. Is she alive?' And he said no," Parris said. "It was terrible.”

Outside the couple's Mattapan home, Parris said he and Formichelli decided to get married last year. Tuesday, he was able to retrieve her engagement ring at the hospital.

He says his fiancé loved life and her work as an English teacher at Boston University Academy.

"She loved her pets. She loved her family," Parris said of his partner. "She was just an all-around good person.”

The two dogs with Formichelli at the time of the incident were not injured.

”Somebody walking the dog, crossing the street and they’re dead," Mattapan neighbor Diane Santos said. "You leave your house you don’t know whether you're gonna come back or not. That is upsetting.”

A school bus struck and killed a pedestrian in Boston's Mattapan neighborhood on Tuesday morning.

It’s still unclear if children were on board when the crash occurred. But police confirm the bus did not stop. Investigators are still working to figure out if the driver knew they had hit someone or not.

"I don't care if you're driving a tank, you know if you hit someone," Parris said. "I just find it ridiculous that they would do something like that and keep going. Like there’s no way that you can’t know that you hit a woman.”

An investigation is active and ongoing. Police have not identified the bus driver and so far there have been no charges.

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