Pit Bull Injures 2, Including Police Officer in Norton

Police say a pit bull is under quarantine after it bit a homeowner and attacked a police officer in Norton, Massachusetts.

Authorities said an officer arrived to a home on Union Road after someone reported that a pit bull had gone through a wire fence, into a neighbor's yard, and bit the homeowner.

The victim's injuries were not said to be serious and police said they were going to the hospital for treatment on their own.

Police notified Animal Control who then determined that the dog needed to be quarantined.

When the owner of the pit bull brought the dog back out on a leash, police said it overpowered the owner, pulled away and attacked the officer — biting him and latching onto his forearm.

The officer was able to fight the dog off but was bleeding severely. He was quickly able to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding while waiting for first responders to arrive.

The officer was then transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital where he was treated and later released.

The dog was taken by Animal Control.

The officer remains out of work due to his injury.

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