Wellesley Police Officers Help Pizza Delivery Driver Stuck in Snowbank

Wellesley police reported that the pizza was not injured

Pizza delivery car stuck in a snowbank
Wellesley Police

At least a foot of snow fell in Wellesley, Massachusetts, on Saturday, causing at least one pizza delivery driver to get stuck in a snowbank.

Several officers responded to help the Domino's Pizza driver get out of a snowbank in Wellesley Square around 5 p.m. on Saturday, a time when many areas were still experiencing blizzard conditions.

Wellesley police reported that the pizza was not injured.

On Sunday morning, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced that they would focus their efforts on pushing back snow banks, widening ramps, clearing drainage and continuing to remove snow from the roads.

A speed restriction of 40 mph remained in place for Interstate 90, just west of Wellesley, from New York to Framingham.

The department continues to advise those who can to stay off the roads while clean up continues.

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