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Pockets of Sprinkles in Southern Region Due to Warmth

The theme of the next several days – into the upcoming weekend – will be swings in temperature for New England and the results of that changing air. Keep in mind that changes in air and clashes between warm and cool often result in periods of clouds and showers, and we’ll see that playing out over the next few days.

Tuesday is the first of the air clashes we’ll see, as warm air just starts to make progress aloft. That has already prompted plenty of clouds to develop along with pockets of sprinkles and light showers in Southern New England.

Between the clouds and sprinkles, we’ll see breaks of sunshine, too, though it’ll take until later in the day for the sun to make a somewhat stronger stand. Meanwhile, a strengthening storm system across the Canadian border not only will deliver rounds of showers to the North Country Tuesday evening and night, but also will turn New England’s winds.

Those winds will usher in warmth and humidity, making temperatures climb into the 80s Wednesday afternoon. Dew point temperatures will be in the 60s to around 70, meaning a true return to sticky, summery air.

As the Canadian storm moves east, it will drag an attendant cold front south across New England later Wednesday into Thursday, prompting scattered showers and thunder from north to south later Wednesday.

It may even perhaps spark a renewed shower in Southern New England Thursday morning or midday as the cold front slowly settles south, gradually replacing humidity with another shot of cool, dry, fall air.

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By Friday, even sunshine won’t be able to bump most communities above either side of 70 in the new, fall air. Of course, this means that when new warmth tries to return this weekend, we’ll once again find periods of clouds that may drop some scattered showers, particularly by Saturday afternoon.

At some point – probably just after one more round of showers Monday – we start transitioning more squarely into warmer and enjoyable weather that we expect to persist for most of next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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