Preschool Classes Cancelled After Mold Found in School

An elementary school has cancelled preschool classes Monday as it creates a plan for removing old asbestos building materials in the school.

Superintendent Robert Gerardi released a statement Sunday night that preschool classes at Green Meadow Elementary School in Maynard, Massachusetts, will be cancelled Monday for planning purposes.

On Friday, Maynard Public Schools announced it would temporarily close a wing of the elementary school for the remainder of the school year so that a licensed environmental contractor can completely remove old asbestos building materials.

The asbestos was caused by a roof leak that damaged ceiling titles in the oldest wing of the school, officials said.

One classroom has been shut down, and the district made the decision to remove all of the old ceiling titles in that wing and install a modern drop ceiling.

Originally, officials planned to close the wing over February vacation. But, after receiving feedback from parents and the community, the district decided to close the wing immediately.

The work will begin over February break and continue into the summer, the statement said.

"Closing the preschool tomorrow will allow faculty and staff to facilitate the move to a new location in the building for the remainder of the year," Gerardi said in the statement.

The superintendent also thanked the families who provided feedback.

Kindergarten students and staff will be relocated into existing rooms temporarily until a long-term plan is established, the statement said. Their classes are not cancelled Monday.

The statement also added that the district is not currently considering moving students to other buildings.

The town made initial repairs to the roof last year, and the school district will be seeking additional funding for roof repairs at the May Town Meeting.

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