Rain Pushes Out The Cold

Showers and rain are riding on the heels of a strong wind from the south tonight. It wasn't quick enough to scour out all the cold from this afternoon, so there was a little light icing in Greater Worcester this evening.

That's all in the past now. Warmer air is in command, and it promises to warm us through the night. Gusty winds of 40-45 mph will keep us in the mild zone. By morning we'll be turning our 30s into upper 40s - or possibly near 50 in SE Mass.

Warmth lingers through the day tomorrow, and combined with sun should allow us to hit the low 50s in spots. Winds will back off too, although it remains a breezy day.

Even milder air will shoot ahead of a cool front Thursday afternoon. Even with limited sun, high temperatures will make it to the mid and upper 50s. 60 is within reach, but I think without a lot of help from el sol, it also should remain out of reach.

A cool front slices through on Friday with falling temperatures. It's just what we need to get back to the cold for the weekend... and put the Texans on ice.

Go Pats!!!!!

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