Repeated Hateful Graffiti Alarms School Officials

For the second time in two weeks, students have found swastikas in the boys' bathroom at Duxbury Middle School in Massachusetts.

A student found the hateful symbol on the side of the sink in the restroom Monday, according to Dr. Ben Tantillo, the school's superintendent.

"We're disappointed," said Tantillo. "It does not represent our school, what we teach in the town of Duxbury."

Two weeks ago, sixth grader Reilly Murray says he found the image in the restroom.

"I found it in the bathroom sink," he said. "It was made of some type of clay. It was watery."

The sixth grader says he immediately reported it to his teacher. Dr. Tantillo says after that incident, the staff "worked with our students to make them understand really just how hateful that symbol is."

Reilly says he's disappointed it's happened again.

"Almost everybody knows what it is. It's not like they don't know what they’re doing. Whoever did it made the wrong decision and should stop and turn themselves in," he said.

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