Responders Mistakenly Administer Narcan to 1-Year-Old Having Seizure

Emergency responders administered Narcan to a 1-year-old Massachusetts boy who was not overdosing on drugs but having a seizure.

Fire officials confirm crews responded to an address on Pleasant Street in Plymouth around 6:15 p.m. Thursday for a report of a child who had overdosed. The department says people on the scene gave authorities information leading to believe the child was suffering from a reaction to drugs.

The child, however, had actually suffered from a seizure and was taken to a local hospital.

The boy, 16-month-old Nicholas, is safe at home, but it was a scary night for his parents.

His father, Leandro Rodrigues, says Nicholas wasn't feeling well, and his babysitter gave him children's Tylenol, but that he had a terrible reaction.

"He's feeling normal, but after 10 minutes, he shake a lot and open the eyes," recalled Rodrigues. "It was very scary."

The Plymouth Fire Department says there is no danger in giving Narcan to a patient who has not overdosed, even if that patient is a child. Rodrigues says Nicholas is feeling much better now.

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