South Coast

13 South Shore Beaches Close Due to Contamination

Thirteen beaches on Massachusetts' South Shore have been closed this week due to high levels of bacteria found in the water. 

The other 52 salt-water beaches on the South Shore have been deemed safe for swimming and remain open.

The high levels of bacteria are most likely the result of runoff rainwater that was contaminated. Certain beaches saw bacteria levels four times the limit while others were closed as a precuation. 

In all, 65 South Shore beaches were tested for intestinal bacteria found in humans and animals that can cause disease. 

The following beaches have been closed for swimming:

Milton Street

Rice Road

Sachem Street 

Channing Street

Brant Rock


Green Harbor 



White Horse Beach




Water quality tests results for Cape Cod, the South Coast, and North Shore can be seen viewed here

It's unclear when these beaches will reopen.

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