Showers Returning Later This Week, May Fall on Halloween

This past weekend was split right down the middle – spectacular Saturday and a washed-out Sunday.

Sunday’s storm is spinning away far to the east, but now we’re left to deal with all the clouds it left behind and the setup isn’t much help. A steady onshore breeze will feed the low clouds and spotty mist (early morning and late afternoon).

This time of year, the sun is so weak, it won’t be able to nibble away at the cloud deck. However, the mere fact that the mist will be light helps in drying out the pavement and sidewalks. The sun may get a little help Tuesday with a shift in the wind direction.

While Monday’s wind is east/northeast, Tuesday’s wind is southeast and a tiny bit milder. Still, our fate is sealed in the 50s for the next couple of days.

As the big holiday approaches, the forecast sees a turn. Winds blowing from the south will boost us into the low 60s Wednesday, and perhaps near 70 on Halloween! It isn’t without a few pitfalls, however.

The showers come back into the picture late Wednesday, and into Thursday. As you might expect, timing and placement are issues. We’re not really certain whether the showers will be scattered or numerous on Wednesday afternoon and whether or not they will come very early or very late on Halloween.

Thankfully, the temps are on solid footing, and we’re thinking with things on the mild end this year, there won’t be any parkas over or under the costumes. Umbrellas may be an option, though.

On the flip side, the cold air is easier to see in the extended range. It’s front and center by the end of the week, ready to sweep in by next weekend. We’re certain temps will fall below normal for a spell, but it certainly won’t be record-setting for early November.

With that said, we may finally sneak below 40 degrees at Logan Airport for the first time next Sunday morning!

Enjoy your week!

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