Rhode Island

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Lawn

A small plane made an emergency landing Saturday in a residential neighborhood in Rhode Island, coming to a stop on a lawn around 5 p.m.

It was not clear if anyone was injured. According to police, an officer located the aircraft as he was traveling south in the area of Jerry Brown Farm Road. Photos of the plane sitting on a lawn show that it appears to be largely intact.

Stacey Leasca was watching TV when she heard a plane flying low. She went outside and saw the plane make a few passes over the neighborhood in South Kingstown. She told her mother to call 911.

Leasca, who is a travel journalist and was visiting her parents, says the plane was so low that she could see the pilot looking for a safe place to land.

"It's a true testament to him that he was able to safely land without hurting anyone," she said. "This guy did exactly what he's supposed to."

Leasca shot a brief video that shows the plane flying just above the trees that line the quiet street.

According to the South Kingstown Police, the plane circled the area for several minutes before making an emergency landing in a yard. There were no injuries to the pilot or to anyone else. 

Rhode Island Police and South Kingstown Emergency Medical Services assisted with the scene and the investigation.

The FAA has now taken the lead of the investigation.

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