‘Wreathless' in Boston: Resident Takes Action After Theft of Prized Halloween Decoration

Claudine Tahmin is putting up hundreds of flyers after her black glitter bat wreath was taken from her apartment

A resident of Boston's South End is putting up hundreds of flyers after a ruthless thief left her wreathless right before Halloween.

Claudine Tahmin said the holiday wreath was stolen from her Appleton Street apartment in the overnight hours on Sunday. She was devastated the item was taken after spending close to $500 on decorations for what she considers her favorite holiday.

"I kind of went through the seven stages of grief," Tahmin said. "So in order to get past my sadness, I thought I might as well do something about it."

Tahmin decided to make and print close to 1,000 flyers, asking if anyone has seen the "black glitter bat wreath." Along with a description, she also made sure to mention that the wreath is no longer available on Amazon.

"It’s sold out. I’m wreathless," she said.

The last line on her humorous signs is a strong message to the Grinch who stole Halloween, saying, "I am going to find you and make you sorry."

Tahmin said she has put the flyers up everywhere, taping them to lampposts and leaving them under windshield wipers.

She said getting the wreath back would be a treat, but she did this more to deter anyone else who is considering the same trick. Many of her neighbors said they have seen pumpkins smashed and decorations stolen in the past.

"The flyer is a lot, but I mean, if it scares them into bringing it back, that’s good,” Haleigh Finnegan said after seeing the flyers.

Tahmin said she would never bother police with what happened, but she is looking to see if any of her neighbors caught the suspect on their surveillance cameras. She has also moved most of her Haloween décor inside in the meantime.

"My main purpose now is to shame them," Tahmin said. "I want them to feel bad every time they walk by my flyer and they think about my wreath hanging in their apartment."

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