FIRST ALERT: Region Braces for Record Cold; More Snow Up North

A winter storm that began in northern New England Monday is rapidly spreading south and east Tuesday morning.

Snowplows were out all night around Burlington, Vermont and points north and east, where we have more than a half a foot of new snow — and it's still coming down.

There’s a winter storm warning in the northern third of New England. South of the snow, we have many communities reporting light rain drizzle with sub-freezing temperatures. That means icy roads, too. At the same time, parts of southern New England are still in the 50s and it has not rained or snowed yet. But this is all going to change rapidly.

Intensifying low pressure moving to the Maine seacoast will cause the wind to shift.

So areas that are warm Tuesday morning with wind from the south will rapidly cool as the wind comes in from the northwest in the afternoon.

We’ll have a bit of rain in southern New England that precedes the chill and may cause a quick buildup of icy conditions on side roads and sidewalks as we change briefly to snow, but the temperature falls to freezing.

Timing the transition from rain to snow is roughly around noon time for places like Hartford, Connecticut and Worcester, Massachusetts. In places like Boston and Providence, it may be around 1 or 2 p.m. then a little later on Cape Cod.

We are all vulnerable to at least a coating of snow and ice, which should mostly be done by the evening commute. But when schools let out, we may be right in the zone ice up. After sunset we all share the deep freeze for about 36 hours. Low temperature tonight in the 10s north, to 20s south.

Wednesday will be a lot like last Friday, with sunshine and snow flurries possible. But this time, the temperature may not even reach 32 degrees.

Wind Tuesday night and Wednesday will be gusting past 30 mph creating a wind chill factor of single numbers above and below zero. The wind chill factor will ease Wednesday afternoon as the wind subsides toward sunset.

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High pressure brings us another cold night Wednesday night with a low temperature again in the teens and 20s, but some of the areas that got snow make it down to 0 degrees. There’s potential for record cold for Tuesday and Friday night. And during the day Wednesday, we may set records for low high temperatures.

A warm front north of New England Thursday will be generating a lot of clouds and maybe a few flurries north and west. Temperatures should recover back to near 40 degrees in southern New England.

We are in the warmer air briefly Friday, with temperatures getting back in the lower 50s for a few spots, most of us in the 40s.

But a new front may generate some snow squalls in northern New England late in the day, and bring a batch of new cold from Canada here for our weekend. With a good amount of sunshine on Saturday, we are probably will back into the 30s again. Then maybe less cold next week- as seen here in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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