Stranded Mount Snow Skiers Evacuated After Ski Lift Malfunction

Nearly 200 people got stuck on a ski lift at Vermont's Mount Snow resort Saturday morning and had to be evacuated by the ski patrol, the resort said in a statement.

It took roughly two hours to safely evacuate all 190 guests from Mount Snow's Challenger lift and there were no reported injuries, according to a news release from the West Dover resort.

The lift was inspected and scheduled to run normally on Sunday, according to Mount Snow.

Evacuated skiers took to social media to share their experiences.

“Hats off to ski patrol and support services team in a smooth safe evacuation from the lift on north face and Mount Snow class act giving all a voucher for the inconvenience. Great conditions for early in the season!” one Facebook user shared.

“That was definitely an experience! We were like 10 chairs back from the top when it happened…lol… a little ski a little rappel…makes for a good day!” another Facebook user replied.

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