Suspect in 4 Cold Case Rapes Pleads Not Guilty in 1 Case

Maine resident Ivan Kieth is allegedly tied to at least four sexual assaults that took place in Massachusetts in the 1990s

The man accused of assuming a new identity in Maine after raping at least four women in Massachusetts during the 1990s returned to court Tuesday — justice delayed, but not denied.

Ivan Keith, a 61-year-old formerly of Bridgewater, was charged with rape, kidnapping and assault in Norfolk Superior Court stemming from a 1996 sexual assault inside Quincy High School.

Keith pleaded not guilty.

He is accused of tying up a 60-year-old woman with her own scarf and raping her in the high school office.

He had allegedly told a janitor who questioned why he was inside the school that he had graduated from there 20 years earlier — which investigators say was true.

Keith was arrested last month in Seal Cove, Maine, after being on the run for 16 years.

Investigators say DNA linked Keith to four rapes in Massachusetts in the 1990s. Last month Keith was arraigned on similar charges for a 1997 rape in Taunton and a 1998 rape in Easton.

Keith is also accused of raping a woman in the woods outside a West Bridgewater school after she attended a parent-teacher conference in 1996.

Keith denied the allegations in court Tuesday through his defense attorney, Jason Maloney. Outside court, he had nothing to say when NBC10 Boston asked, "Mr. Keith, did you rape those women?"

He is being held without bail.

Keith is expected to be arraigned in Plymouth County on the fourth rape charge soon.

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