‘It's Horrifying': Syrian Family Living in US Responds to Attack in Homeland

For George Akkeh and his wife Youla, they pay close attention to every development out of their homeland of Syria.

Between them they have several brothers, sisters, cousins and friends still there.

“Life goes on,” said Akkeh. “They go to school, they go to work everyday, a bomb falls on them, they keep going, it’s been 7 years.”

Seven years of heartache for their loved ones, and the country they left behind in 1988.

“I never thought I would see something like this in Syria,” said Youla Hana. “It’s horrifying. It’s just unimaginable. To use gas on people, civilians, children, women.”

Neither are sure how they want President Trump to react.

They do know they don’t want to see more civilians suffer.

“I just hope for a peaceful solution,” said Youla. “And the regime has to be changed, the regime is the cause of all this trouble.”

A democratic government that can bring peace and rebuild Syria is their wish for the future.

“The country is falling apart,” said Youla.

Both hope that there will be better days ahead, but they fear there is no end in sight at least for the moment.

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