Take Back Your Privacy: How to Combat Identity Thieves

Your digital information is being bought and sold and it's vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves. What you think is secret, may not be. Sending money electronically? It could easily end up in the wrong hands. Surfing the web for bargains? Advertisers can easily track you and then sell your data.

To help you TAKE BACK YOUR PRIVACY, the NBC10 Boston Investigators and NBC10 Boston Responds are teaming up to show you what you can do right now to secure your social media, cover your online tracks, and keep your e-wallet safe and secure.

Take Back Your Privacy: Stop Social Media Snooping

iPhone File

Leslie shows you how you can lock down your social media accounts to keep what you want to be private, private. Click here.

Take Back Your Privacy: Stopping Fraudulent E-Money Transfers

Jenny and Jami at Table 2

Ryan Kath investigates how secure are e-money transfers. A local nurse learned the hard way that some of e-money apps can fall prey to hackers after having her first paycheck stolen. We have tips on how to keep your money secure when using an e-wallet. Click here.

Take Back Your Privacy: Reading Terms of Service Agreements on New Apps, Software

Terms and conditions

Karen Hensel shows you what you're agreeing to when you click "accept" after downloading a new app or piece of software. The terms of service may be thousands of words but what's in there could put your privacy at risk. Click here.

Take Back Your Privacy: Hiding Your Digital Footprints


Ally Donnelly explains how you can hide your digital footprints while surfing the web. How do you keep information private when visiting different sites? Click here.

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