Temps Dipping Below Freezing Tonight Will Create Black Ice

With an early exit of Thursday morning’s wintry mix, sunshine breaking through the clouds affords an opportunity for temperatures to climb to nearly 50 degrees, particularly in southern New England.

Milder temperatures will mean melting Thursday afternoon, resulting in road spray and glare, so windshield washer fluid and sunglasses will both be helpful in breaks of sunshine.

As temperatures dip below freezing overnight Thursday, black ice will develop where melting snow refreezes. This will be before some gradual melting resumes Friday beneath sunshine and temperatures either side of 40 in a spell of high barometric pressure.

A fair weather cell is moving over the Northeast. As the fair weather dome marches east this weekend, the door will open for moisture to return to our sky, spelling sunshine fading behind increasing clouds Saturday.

This also brings the potential for a wintry mix changing to rain Saturday night through Sunday, respectively.

Although it’s too early for finer details, right now it looks like a burst of at least some snow or ice is possible from northwest Connecticut to northern Massachusetts. The most persistent snow will likely be Sunday over northern New England, where at least a few inches are likely with more in the mountains.

Most of southern New England will find a shifting wind Sunday that should boost temperatures at least into the 40s, if not near 50 for some. Our pattern of a storm chance every two days or so continues through the duration of the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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