These 10 Popular Tech Jobs Pay More than $150K

Tech paychecks continue to increase in size quickly, but which tech jobs actually earn the most? Perhaps surprisingly, not the engineering-related top roles. That's according to compensation and workplace culture site Comparably, which released this week its ranking of the 10 popular tech jobs that pay more than $150,000.

The report looked at the average salary records — not including stocks or equity — of over 12,000 employees working in tech jobs in small, midsize and large tech companies across the country. The firm collected data between October 2018 and October 2019.

For each job, the Santa Monica, California-based firm included a description of the role, a list of skills necessary to qualify, and the average salary. The report also included a "compensation by location" table, with compares the average salary for the 10 roles in major tech hubs to the average rent.

Read more on the Boston Business Journal.

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