This Is Saturn, Captured From Massachusetts. Here's the Story Behind the Photo

NBC10 Boston photographer Mark Garfinkel took the photo from Winthrop

Mark Garfinkel / NBC10 Boston

NBC10 Boston photographer Mark Garfinkel is used to capturing amazing sights through his lens, both near and far. But nearly 900 million miles away is something else entirely.

On Saturday night around 8:40 p.m., Garfinkel took an oh-so-very far away snapshot of Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun and second-biggest in our solar system. According to, an online planetarium, Saturn is currently 892 million miles away from Earth.

(For reference, the Earth orbits on average of 93 million miles from the Sun.)

Garfinkel used a 1600mm lens to capture the image of the distinctly-ringed planet, and still need to enlarge the image to make it visible amid the dark night sky.

A cable release was used to trip the shutter button to avoid any camera shake, as well as the camera's "mirror-up" option used so as to avoid camera shake when the camera's internal mirror snapped back into place.

Additionally, he used the app SKyView, to find Saturn, as it was very dark compared to the moon and Jupiter, which it was nestled between.

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