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Brady on 9th Super Bowl: ‘I've Been Beyond Blessed'

Thursday is the last day we get to see Tom Brady publicly speak ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl LIII.

Brady was asked about the heart and soul that goes into being able to reach nine Super Bowls.

"I've been beyond blessed," Brady said. "I've been a part of so many great teams that have had the opportunity to play in this game."

Brady also discussed his mental fortitude when asked about the team's bumps in the regular season road.

"It's a long season. It's a lot like climbing a mountain, it's a lot like running a marathon. You have some really great moments of achievement and you have some disappointing things that happen," Brady said.  "It's tough and it's a struggle and it's a daily grind in discipline, determination, mental toughness, all those things that are really intangible to an individual, maybe things you can't necessarily measure, but in the end, that's what probably matters more than anything you can measure."

The star quarterback reflected on the culture among Patriots players. 

"Guys, how they bring a positive, competitive, winning attitude every day has been a great culture for me to be around," Brady said. "The reason why we've been to nine Super Bowls was because guys, they want to bring their best and compete every day for the teammate next to them and you never want to let your teammates down."

Brady says he's been receiving emails and text messages from past teammates during the days leading up to Super Bowl LIII.

"We'll be representing those guys and see if we can embody the same characteristics that those championship teams had."

The New England Patriots will play the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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