Truck Driver Cited 2nd Time in a Week for Oversized Haul

The driver was pulled over for the same offense just five days before

The same truck driver who was cited for overloading their vehicle with school furniture was seen the following week hauling a large amount of shrubbery on Tuesday.

The Chicopee Police Department first encountered the truck driver June 20 after the vehicle was spotted traveling along Interstate 91 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Hauling a dangerous number of school desks, chairs and cabinets on the truck’s bed, the unnamed driver was cited for carrying an unsecured or uncovered load as well as an obstructed plate and obstructed brake lights.

On Monday, Chicopee police spotted a similar-looking truck carrying large shrubbery along Memorial Drive in Springfield. Lo and behold, officers realized it was the same driver they previously encountered. The driver was given the same citations he initially received.

Chicopee police are considering educating the driver on the rules of the road, they said in a statement. They encourage motorists to refrain from copying this behavior and to report drivers who may be doing so.

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