Trump Boat Parade Coming to Mass. Coast Saturday

The plan on Saturday is to start off the coast at 11 a.m., go up and down Salisbury Beach, then head into Newburyport Harbor

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In 2020, some political rallies are drifting from arenas to the water, and Newburyport, Massachusetts, is getting its own.

The "Trump 2020 Boat Parade" will set sail Saturday, joining a growing marine movement in support of President Donald Trump.

"Not sure the exact turnout, but there are almost 400 people who say they're coming," said James Haynes, who organized the rally. "We feel that it's a good way for us boaters to show support for our great country, our president, the men and women in law enforcement and also the armed services."

The plan is to start off the coast at 11 a.m., go up and down Salisbury Beach, then head into Newburyport Harbor.

President Trump signed executive orders Saturday aimed at providing coronavirus relief to struggling families and businesses. Among the orders is $400 a week in expanded unemployment benefits, partly paid for and distributed by each state. It's unclear which states can afford it, how fast money can be sent out, or if it's even constitutional.

"I've seen in other towns they're doing support police [rallies] at the same time of a Trump rally and that's like the people who won't show up for Trump," said Carol Trout, as she sat in the shade by the harbor. "It's like they're being made to feel they they won't support the police and that's not the truth."

The Trump campaign tweeted out a video last Sunday highlighting the boat parade rallies that have popped up on waterways in different parts of the country.

"I wish I had time," the president said in the video. "I'd get on one of those boats and I'd be carrying a flag also."

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs amended its coronavirus guidance on boating.

The agency wants people to limit how many boats can be tied up or rafted up to three. They also want social distancing on the ramps and docks.

We met Jennifer Powers as she was getting off her boat, called Midnight Express.

She has a Trump/Pence flag blowing in the wind over her boat

"I think it's a great idea because, yeah, everybody can keep their distance and you're in fresh air and on the water," said Powers. "It's perfect."

Haynes said they are expecting a crowd to gather on land to support them. 

He is reminding them to stay six feet apart and wear masks. 

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