Tufts Students: Don't Offend With Halloween Costumes

There is no shortage of options when it comes to Halloween costumes this year, but students at Tufts University are reminding their peers to choose carefully because an offensive costume could result in serious consequences.

A letter from the presidents of several Greek organizations detailed the issues that often come up on college campuses around Halloween, including sexual assault and inappropriate costumes.

The letter quoted the dean of student affairs saying offensive costumes could result in an investigation by the campus police department that could lead to disciplinary sanctions.

"If someone is saying your costume is appropriating their culture or offensive to their culture, you should respect that,” Sara Banbury, a junior at Tufts said.

However, it had some students questioning whether or not the cops should be called on costumes.

"It is very subjective, which is why bringing police into it is a very difficult matter," Tufts junior Taylor Amp said.

"If they're going to get police involved, there needs to be a line that's drawn between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable," Ashton Knight, a junior at Tufts, said.

A spokesman for Tufts University told necn the school has no specific policy on Halloween costumes, but there is a general rule it could fall under when it comes to treating your peers with respect.

"As is the case any time, students who actions are discriminatory or threaten others can face a range of administrative responses," Tufts University said in a statement.

It is a reminder they hope students remember as they pick their costumes carefully this year.

"It should be about having fun, not trying to offend others," Amp said.

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