Upcoming Cold Front to Kick-Start Gusts in New England

An icy mess over the interior of New England has been retreating north, but not before dropping a few inches of snow and causing multiple crashes due to freezing rain in Central Massachusetts.

Now, a gusty south wind will not only produce some wind gusts over 50 mph on Cape Cod and the South Coast, but also will transport enough mild air northward that, even with periodic rain through Friday evening, we’ll find temperatures reaching or exceeding 50 degrees in much of Southern New England.

Expect relatively mild air to linger overnight Friday, even as rain breaks into showers and departs. A cold front presses from north to south on Saturday. This will first spark snow showers in the mountains of Northern New Englan and then produce bubbling clouds in the sky for the rest of New England to mix with and blot out the sun.

The cold front will last kick up a cooling northwest wind that will actually bring temperatures down from a start near 50 in Southern New England and 40 north.

Colder air will be noticeable Saturday evening and night, and a sharply colder day is anticipated Sunday, but the air will be dry so the sun will be out.

The next storm to impact New England arrives on New Year’s Eve in the evening after a dry Monday of increasing clouds. It looks as if it is to deliver enough warmth yet again for a rainy event.

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Sunday’s cold air will still be lingering in Northern New England, though, where some snow is more likely and folks skiing for the New Year shouldn’t give up hope on decent conditions.

A cool midweek coincident with a nearby disturbance brings a chance of snow or snow showers next Thursday in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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