Request a Weather Warrior Visit

The Weather Warrior, NBC 10 Boston's weather center on wheels, will be visiting area schools and other locations in the coming months to help teach people about meteorology. 

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The truck is equipped with a complete weather station to sample the atmosphere around it and has a 360-degree, ultra-high resolution camera, creating an immersive and interactive experience for the viewer.

Fill out the form below to request a Weather Warrior visit for your school:

Due to high demand, not all requests can be filled. Please try to combine classes and grades when possible. Most availability is found at least six months in advance.

School Visits:

  • Grade 1 through college.
  • Upon booking a visit, if the school district does not currently report school closings to NBC 10 Boston, the station will reach out to establish the relationship.
  • Upon booking a visit, in some circumstances we may request a photograph of the extrior of the school for use in a forecast on the day of the visit.

For Planning Purposes:

  • Last-minute reschedules may be needed (breaking news, etc.).
  • Running time: 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Content: Weather knowledge/safety, tailored to grade level.
  • Video of students will air on NBC 10 Boston (group shot, no individual zooms).
  • Responsibility rests with the school to remove minors whose parents have requested they not be featured in media video.
  • Please have the students watch at least one NBC Boston weather broadcast at home or via the web at
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