Weekend Showers Rolling in Thanks to Clash of Air

Showers and rain are accompanied by a northeast wind that is carrying cooler air southward across New England. This means predawn high temperature in the 70s will steadily fall until some communities land in the 50s by the day’s end for a raw feeling!

The rain is steadiest morning through early afternoon, then breaks up considerably into lingering showers in the evening. Cool and dry air from the north will promote clearing in Northern New England Thursday afternoon into evening, and continue that clearing trend southward through the remainder of New England overnight Thursday.

Friday will dawn with bright sunshine that lasts through the day for classic fall sun: great blue skies and high temperatures in the 60s. Saturday, on the other hand, will bring classic fall clouds – after all, gray sky certainly can be a classic in New England autumn, as well.

Saturday’s clouds develop as warmth tries to move back into New England, but it will collide with our preceding cool air. That means that eventually by Sunday, our temperatures will respond and warm up.

Saturday’s clouds should hold most of us close to or under 70 degrees with scattered showers in Northern and Western New England, then perhaps a few evening and night showers farther south and east.

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This opens the door to Sunday warmth as sun returns and temperatures climb into the 80s for many! Another disturbance may deliver showers Sunday night and Monday, but thereafter, the door once again opens to warm air as high pressure – fair weather – builds off our coastline, encouraging a southerly wind.

The only thing we need to watch during this period – particularly as temperatures warm even more for the end of next week – is the tropics. With an opening to southern warmth, there is the possibility we open the door to the tropics, so anything near the East Coast around the end of next week will need to be monitored.

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