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‘Shocked': Daughter Reacts After Woman Attacked by Bear in Her Groton, New Hampshire Home

71-year-old Apryl Rogers was seriously injured when a bear broke into her Groton, New Hampshire, home early Tuesday

A 71-year-old New Hampshire woman was badly injured when she was attacked by a black bear inside her own home early Tuesday and had to drag herself to the phone to call for help, her daughter said.

Apryl Rogers, of Groton, was hospitalized after suffering serious injuries to her head and face during the encounter.

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials said that the attack occurred around 1:15 a.m. at the woman's home on Hall Brook Road. They believe the bear injured the woman accidentally while trying to get out of the home.

Rogers' daughter, Stacey Murray, surveyed the aftermath: A wad of animal fur resting on the kitchen counter, claw marks left on the door, household items strewn across the floor and a blood trail in some places.

"There's trash everywhere. There's bear feces everywhere. There's blood everywhere," Murray said.

Murray said her mother was woken up by strange sounds in the house.

"We think (the bear) pushed the door," Murray said. "Door wasn't latched tight enough."

She said her mother got out of bed and went into the kitchen to investigate.

"She apparently cornered the bear and it attacked her face trying to get out of the house," Murray said.

Rogers' daughter said she was "shocked" about the bear attack, but not surprised that her mother, who uses a wheelchair, was able to drag herself to her phone — which was left covered in blood — to call 911. 

"We all know she is strong so she'll be OK," Murray said through her tears.

Efforts are now underway to locate the bear, and officials said it will likely have to be killed once it is found.

Groton is a town of fewer than 600 people, located just south of the White Mountains and about 50 miles north of Concord.

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