Where's Spring? Cold Continues Ahead of Weekend Storm

With lows in the teens and high barely cracking freezing, it begs the question: Where is spring??

I'm thinking you'll have to wait for April at this point. There are no signs that the pattern will be changing anytime soon. And with another bitter blast heading in by the middle of next week, any chance we have to make it near normal (highs in the 40s) will be short-lived.

Those milder days will come on Monday - the official start of spring - and Tuesday ahead of the numbing cold.

In the meantime, our attention is focused on a developing storm on Saturday night. It appears now that most of the storm will scoot offshore of New England as the jet stream digs in off of New Jersey. That will cause the storm to deepen very rapidly - but also help keep it progressive as it continues out to sea.

The issue is how much snow is thrown back to Southern New England as it departs. Seems to me that Connecticut will take the "heat" with accumulations, with amounts dropping off significantly in Southeast Mass. This time of year, we also have to be aware of the time the snow flies. During the day, what limited warmth we get from the sun can limit accumulations to grassy surfaces and leave the roads wet.

We'll see how it plays out in the days ahead.

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