Windy and Warm to Begin Work Week

Clouds dominated the afternoon on Sunday, but showers were held back for the day as they remained tightly clustered around a cool front near Buffalo and Toronto. This front is a very slow-mover, so that will buy us some dry hours on Monday as gusty southwest winds spike the temperatures into the 70s.

There isn’t a lot of rain to be found with this front, but I expect many spots to squeak out nearly a quarter inch of water through Monday night and early morning on Tuesday. Once the front has crossed, questions revolve around whether or not a storm develops to the south.

The weather guidance has been persistent about forming the storm, but not on its placement. That poses big questions for our midweek forecast. If we follow the wetter solution, showers could spin in from the ocean both Wednesday and Thursday. A drier solution keep them south of the Cape/Islands. It’s worth noting that BOTH outcomes feature a stiff northeast wind and cool temperatures in the 50s.

Headlines nationwide will focus on the potential blizzard (yes it’s October) coming together in the upper Plains by Friday. Over a foot – with some projections up to 2 feet - of snow will pile up over both Dakotas and Minnesota. While we sit this one out, the end result will be to nudge our storm farther east out to sea and send in the sunshine late week.

Don’t look for a big leap in the temps, however, as we remain under the grips of a cool high pressure system.

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