Voters More Worried About Drug Prices Than Obamacare

Health care does not rank among voters' top issues and when asked about health priorities for the next president and Congress to address fewer people mentioned repealing Obamacare or weakening the law than other topics, according to a new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. Top health care priorities were: reducing the cost of prescription drugs, making sure health plans have large networks of doctors and hospitals, and protection from high-prices at out-of-network providers, CNBC reported. The Kaiser poll questioning 1,205 adults was conducted from Oct. 12 to 18, before the recent warning by the Obama administration of a spike in premiums next year for plans sold on the federal insurance exchange. The Kaiser poll found public opinion split among people saying they view the Affordable Care Act favorably or unfavorably. And nearly two-thirds of respondents favored creating public health insurance options.

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