Decision 2020

‘He Is the Person for This Time': Klobuchar Campaigns for Biden in NH

A week ahead of election day, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was in New Hampshire making the case for Joe Biden in the presidential race.

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With coronavirus still raging, most Democratic campaign events in New Hampshire have been relegated to small outdoor gatherings. But Joe Biden supporters and surrogates — like Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who campaigned in Salem Tuesday — are confident they're getting his message out.

"I truly believe he is the person for this time," Klobuchhar said.

Klobuchar, who came in third in the New Hampshire primary, is not surprised a recent poll gives Biden a 10-point lead in the state.

"You've got citizens who have been affected first-hand by this pandemic," she said. "It's personal to so many people."

And she says New Hampshire voters see Biden as a solid and trustworthy leader who will do a better job handling the coronavirus pandemic.

What does Klobuchar think is Biden's best closing argument this final week?

"His best closing argument is that he will be a president for all of America," she said. "That he's going to wake up every day and work on people's problems and fix things."

Still, some Biden supporters are concerned he has not campaigned in New Hampshire since the February primary. But not Arnie Arnesen, a one-time Democratic nominee for governor in the Granite State.

"The best gift Biden can give is to not be here," she said.

Arnesen says Trump's rallies are ego trips focused on him. Biden, she says, is focused on all Americans.

"And if it's about us, then most folks in New Hampshire that are supporting Joe Biden want him in Pennsylvania, want him in Georgia, want him in Florida, because it is the gestalt, it is what is good for the country," Arnesen said.

It's unlikely Joe Biden will campaign in New Hampshire between now and election day, but look for more high-level surrogates to be making his case there in the final six days.

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